Kärlekstinktur – enligt önskan

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Det finns de som vill ha kärlekstinktur och eftersom rosenskörden var god i år, kan jag med glädje avsätta en del till tinkturer åt er. I vanliga fall blandar jag en tinktur för ett precist ändamål, allra oftast riktad mot någon speciell person.

orter hantverk folkmagi affar  Kärlekstinktur – enligt önskan


De tinkturer jag säljer nu, har inte den speciella inriktningen, utan strävar i sin grundform efter att göra sin bärare mer attraktiv och åtråvärd för andra av det kön bäraren åtrår. Innehållet i tinkturen består av utdrag örter som i min tradition är kärleksdragande, åtråväckande samt mans- eller kvinnolockande. Därför är det egentligen två tinkturer jag säljer, en som drar till sig kvinnor och en som drar till sig män.

orter hantverk folkmagi affar  Kärlekstinktur – enligt önskan

Kvinno- och mansdragande

Utdraget är sedan förhöjt med doft från essentiella oljor, dessa är också valda med utgångspunkt från rätt örter. Det gör att tinkturerna även doftar underbart och är fullvärdiga naturliga parfymer, utan några som helst syntetiska doftämnen. Beredandet av tinkturerna spänner över en lång tid. På sätt och vis ända från det att jorden börjar vakna på våren och rosen känner solens strålar på sina knoppar. Mer intensivt blir det efter att rosornas kronblad plockats när de är på höjden av sin blomning, fulla av berusande tung och eggande doft. Eftersom det är tinkturer är grunden att göra ett alkoholutdrag av kronbladen. Det är inte bara doften som dras ut, utan även färgen, som går från intensivt rosa till mörkt oxblodsrött. Beredandet av både grundtinkturen och de mer komplexa blandningarna är ett genuint hantverk där ingenting syntetiskt ingår och inga maskiner är inblandade. När grundtinkturen är klar, följer riter under både skördemånen och senare i höstens bleka solnedgång. När trolldomen är avklarad, återstår det roliga men komplexa arbetet med att komponera sköna dofter utifrån de paletter örternas essenser erbjuder. Mitt under arbetet med tinkturerna, råkade jag på hängen som även är behållare, en perfekt kombination med tinkturerna för den som vill ha en dos att stänka på sig när tillfället uppenbarar sig eller för den som inte kan ha på sig en parfym men ändå vill utnyttja kärlekstrolldomen.

orter hantverk folkmagi affar  Kärlekstinktur – enligt önskan


Så nu står ampullerna och flaskorna här, redo för att skickas till de som åtrår dem. Kanske en början på en ny fas i livet när året är ungt? Länk till produktsidan.

The shop is closed – welcome to shop!

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Observant visitors has probably already discovered that the “Shop”-option is missing from the right hand menu. I’ve closed my webshop since I only have the time to do or sell things on demand. I’ll keep posting things I do in the blog and you can still order them via email (still with easy PayPal payments).

So, if you’re looking for something you think I might have or might be able to create, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Sub rosa – silenced by the scent of roses

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Roses! Beautiful, wonderfully smelling roses! Some of the loveliest discoveries in the garden, is the rosebushes. One has made me especially happy; the one that might be a gallica-variety. Over 2 meters tall it is full of intensely magenta-coloured roses among the green leaves. And the scent! Above all the scent! Intoxicating, it permeates the garden and I sit silent in my tree surrounded by it like a breeze from Alvhem.

tradgard sommaren orter odling folkmedicin folkmagi  Sub rosa   silenced by the scent of roses


It’s not just the garden that is filled with scent; my home office, where I sit and write this, is almost bursting with the aroma of rose petals drying. In a mason jar, petals are steeped in alcohol to become rose tincture, the base for magical perfumes. Spicy yarrow lends extra depths to the aroma in the room where bundles of it hangs from the ceiling. When harvesting the roses, I wait until they are fully blooming and then I cut them as close to the flower as possible – I’ve seldom felt so Morticia Addamsy. I then place the petals on muslin to dry. They shrink, turn purple but the scent stays just as lovely.

The rose is one of our most well known and beloved flowers. They come in a wide variety of species and colours, height and style of growing. I prefer the traditional strongly scented roses. Colours are secondary and they don’t have to bloom more than once per season, I’d rather choose roses that blossoms at different times. This give me more opportunity to really enjoy the splendour of them all as well. We haven’t planted any roses ourselves yet, but after this summer I’ll have a better view of what I want and where I want it and then we’ll see if the plants agree.

tradgard sommaren orter odling folkmedicin folkmagi  Sub rosa   silenced by the scent of roses

Rose tincture

Medically, it’s mostly the hips that have been used, full with vitamin C and tasty as soup or tea. But the flowers can be used as well, for cordial, jelly and dried in teas, for example. A medical text from 1768 mentions that rose vinegar, which is vinegar where rose petals been steeped, can be applied to the temples to cure a headache. I guess I’ll have to try my tincture when I have one of my rare headaches – if nothing else, I’ll smell good while feeling miserable.

If I get the bushes to thrive and lots of flowers I might use them for cordial, liqueur and such, but the flowers I’ve harvested this year will be used for scent and sorcery.

The first magical association most make for the rose is love, but protection as well as healing are areas where rose may be used. If you know how, the thorns can be used for blasting and cursing.

I blend my rose tincture with other traditional herbs to strengthen the desired effect. This year, I managed to make quite a lot of it, so perhaps there might be a few bottles of love tincture for interested parties? The tincture can be used as a perfume to make you irresistable in general. If you have a certain object for your desire, the tincture can be used to entice that person in particular. If I add the tincture to my stock, instructions will be enclosed. Why not “shout” in the comments (or use the contacts page – maybe this needs a certain discretion?) if you think I should take the trouble of making the tincture available. tradgard sommaren orter odling folkmedicin folkmagi  Sub rosa   silenced by the scent of roses

tradgard sommaren orter odling folkmedicin folkmagi  Sub rosa   silenced by the scent of roses


Lilac and cowslip

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Lilacs aren’t really known as powerful magical or medicinal herbs, but most Swedes have an emotional relationship them. Their strong scent surrounds the end of the semester and the finals and exams, carrying with them the promise of a long, lovely summer.

The lilac is edible, why not decorate that salad we started talking about in the article about the Lady’s mantle with some pretty lilac flowers? Just as with other edible, strongly smelling flowers, you can make lilac cordial. I didn’t have the time to make some this year, but perhaps next spring, a few bottles will be made. As you see below, lilacs are plentiful here.

tradgard sommaren orter odling gudinnor folkmedicin folkmagi  Lilac and cowslip

The house is almost hidden behind the tall, blooming lilacs.

Cowslips on the other hand are well known in both magic and medicine, even though this is something that might be less known today. All of the plant, but especially the root, are expectorant and mildly diuretic – a good component in teas for dry coughs, for example. The flowers are said to be an excellent base for making boiled sweets; I have to try and make some sometime, perhaps along with candied lilac flowers.

The new leaves are suitable in a salad, another thing to add to the early summer variety of it.

The root is also said to give brews a good taste, so any mead-making friends out there should look in their gardens for a cow slip root and give it a try?

In Swedish folklore the Cowslip is also known as “May keys” or “The keys of Virgin Mary”, because it resembles a set of keys. Things names something “Virgin Mary” is surprisingly often really associated with out pre-christian goddesses and I think it may well be the case here too, I’ve come across it being mentioned as “The keys of Freja”.

It may be helpful when you retain too much water when menstruating; such plants will often have a goddess association.

The cowslip is protected in some Swedish counties, but in others you may pick some (a nifty little bouquet). You’re not allowed to harvest it roots at all anywhere, why it’s handy to grow it yourself or have it self-spread through the garden like we have here, to my great joy.

tradgard sommaren orter odling gudinnor folkmedicin folkmagi  Lilac and cowslip

The yellow cowslip, Pirmula veris, surrounded by the red variety










Lady’s Mantle

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The Lady’s mantle is not in bloom yet, but the leaves decorate the garden anyway, water glittering crystal-like in the chalice shaped leaves.

The active substances in the Lady’s mantle are astringent, so it might be used to speed the healing of both internal and external wounds. It also stops diarrhoea and menorrhoea and is one of the classic healing herbs of old, found in old volumes of herb lore.

It’s Latin name, Alchemilla (vulgaris), was given to it due to its ability to seemingly create “diamonds” from thin air like by alchemy; the liquid that every morning glistens in the middle of the leaf. In a way, that name is more appropriate than the Swedish name (translated to “cape of dew”), since the drops aren’t dew but excess moist the leaf releases at night.


varen tradgard orter okategoriserat odling folkmedicin folkmagi  Ladys Mantle

Lady’s Mantle Achillea vulgaris with a twinkling “gem” in the centre

In the old days, when few owned watches, they looked at the Lady’s mantle to decide when the working day was done if they were far from the farm. No matter if it was sunny of cloudy, the Lady’s mantle had the reputation that it closed its leaves promptly at sundown.

Those who has the knowledge might use the Lady’s mantle to shoot Troll-shots. It has also been used to cure abnormal longing for a person or a place.

If you want to treat your friends with  a salad from wild crafted leaves, you can include a few leaves of Lady’s mantle – but not too many the tannin’s make them taste quite tart. More suggestions on what to put in such a salad will appear when I write about plants suitable for it.


I strolled ’round my garden yesterday and many flowers are whooshing into bloom all ath same time right now, including the Lady’s mantle:

varen tradgard orter okategoriserat odling folkmedicin folkmagi  Ladys Mantle

Lady’s Mantle with flowers


My new home

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As faithful readers of this blog might have guessed, I and my family have moved. From a ginger-bread house-like logcabin in the evegreen forest close to the river, to a 1800:th century farmhouse in a lush old garden on the top of a hill in the midst of a landscape of meadows and fields, with the brink of the forest a bit further away.

Most surely get to know thier new surroundings when they’ve moved, I do as well, but perhaps with different focus. The exploration never ends, there are of course new things to find no matter how long you live somewhere, if you only know how to look.

My time is limited, as usual, but for a change I thought I’d try to write shorter entries more frequently.

Right now I’m looking around in the garden to see what grows there. This summer I’m not going to grow much; instead I’m going to observe what emerges, what I might want to add, if something need assitance and so on. I like to grow into the garden, we want to live here a long time.

So, a flower, plant or tree is what will feature in each entry for a while. Since spring came late and everything exploded into bloom, flowers that have already bloomed over will be the subject anyway. As much new things I’ve seen already, I’ll have something new to post long into the autumn, I think. varen tradgard orter odling folkmedicin folkmagi  My new home

varen tradgard orter odling folkmedicin folkmagi  My new home

Wood Anemone, Anemone nemorosa

The first flower is the wood anemone, Anemone nemorosa, who appeared in beautiful, white clusters around the garden.

Old Swedish folklore tells us that the wood anemone is protective, especially against disease and sickness. If you plucked the first anemone of spring and ate it, you would stay healthy all year.

The appearance of the wood anemone also signalled that it was time to do different spring chores – what those chorse were, varies with where you are, since spring and the wood anemone comes at different times and speed depending on where you live.

Despite this traditional use of wood anemone, I’d advie strongly agains eating it. It, like all anemones, is toxic. Prolonged contact with the sap can also give problems like skin irritation and even blistering.
I leave it to be, pretty where it is all around the house, protecting it.
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